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Gaika – Artist

Immigrant son

gangster magnetic

poet profit prophetic

can you see the tomorrow’s world

stand firm before you run out of road

run out of breath or run out of hope

at dawn in the scrub behind a rented home

steady your pulse youth

fight till your last breath knows

you have been taught how to love

in blood soaked sweat soaked broken ways

36 diagrams in the red earth

36 oaths

you are made of earth and rare metal

gold and glass from gods own lung

black boy don’t die young

but militant sons will always be immigrant

cash vigilant when I’m known

another blade another city calling

there’s no place i call home

move swiftly with my enemies

there’s a science to ballin out

criminals call the shots

I’m growing crystals in the clouds

watch out miss I’m from nowhere good

it’s like walking on broken glass

I gotta get paid in broken hearts

will you give me one more chance

Immigrant son

can’t quiet the warrior inside

It’s better to fight for a better world

dressed in marks of pride

a clenched fist to survive

take the licks and carry on

heartbeats and bandages

super conducting so much rage

leather and stone and muscle and bone

heavy canvas hanging from a poplar

every battle by code

every lesson by blow

technique that will burn jim crow

split lips and bulging eyes

stuck in a clinch from six years old

I hope you don’t hold a grudge with life

black boy don’t die young


Speaking: PPL: Get Played, Get Paid

15:30 – 14:30

UK music licensing company PPL are supporting this year’s Industry Takeover All Dayer. PPL licenses recorded music in the UK when it’s played in public (shops, bars, nightclubs, offices) or broadcast (BBC, commercial radio, commercial TV), and ensures that revenue flows back to its members. These include both indie and major record labels, together with performers ranging from grassroots artists through to established session musicians and globally recognised talent. In 2020 PPL collected £225.7 million. At Industry Takeover, PPL alongside a panel of experts, will share their knowledge and experience around getting paid in the music industry. We’ll also be exploring the creative elements of developing a radio-worthy song. 


Wale Kalejaiye – Associate in the Music Group

Gaika – Artist

Leo O’Brien – Member Development Specialist, PPL

Chris Cooke – Co-Founder & MD, CMU

Davina Merchant – A&R Manager, Downtown Music