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Molly Elizabeth – Emerging Artist: UD Flames & Incubator

Today, remarkable new British talent Molly Elizabeth releases her debut single, ‘Please Just Wait’, produced by rising female producer Lauren Faith (KAYTRANADA). When Molly was just 14-years-old, a chance meeting with Adele’s vocal coach led the young Essex based songwriter to win a coveted spot at London music college ELAM for her astounding vocal ability alone. From writing songs in her bedroom – surrounded by her close-knit-family of five – Molly now had a new musical community in London, and also became part of the Flames Collective, founded the London-based music organisation UD, who bring communities together around Black music and Black music culture. UD has been responsible for supporting the UK underground music scene for 20-years and careers of artists from Little Simz to Def Jam executive Alex Boateng. Now 19-years-old, Molly is releasing her debut single through UD’s collaboration with Island Records, and is the first solo artist to come through the music organisation’s new imprint. 

Listen to Please Just Wait here

Molly met Lauren Faith last year when they began sharing vocals and beats and started a creative relationship, one of mentorship and friendship, which developed into the song that would become Molly’s debut single, ‘Please Just Wait’. Lauren’s neo-soul and jazz influenced background partnered with Molly’s inimitable ability to capture the harsh emotion of teenage breakups and soaring vocal range has proved to be an incredible force. The official video, which was filmed in and around Molly’s neighbourhood in Essex and the house she grew up in – which was built from the ground up by her father and mother – portrays the innocence of youth and yearning when a relationship comes to an end. 

Watch Please Just Wait official video 

Molly Elizabeth spent the pandemic contributing to the soundtrack to Theresa Ikoko’s BAFTA winning feature film, Rocks. When she joined the Flames Collective – the 22-piece youth vocal collective from London – in her very first session she was given a solo in “Proud Mary”, a cover of Tina Turner’s 1969 hit that the group had been asked to record especially for the movie. In the heartbreaking portrayal of girlhood — not unlike that of Molly’s songwriting — the cover sits alongside music by the likes of her Gen Z contemporaries, Jorja Smith and Celeste.

The eldest of three girls – and of 14 cousins who all live in the same small Essex neighbourhood – Molly Elizabeth has grown up being everyone’s big sister. “I think that shaped who I am, being the one they all look up to, who they ask about life,” Molly says. “I’ve always had to be in control of situations, even when I didn’t know what to do”. ELAM gave Molly the musical tools to take her impressive voice, almost too big, too heavy with hurt to be coming from such a young artist, to channel her own myriad experiences into songwriting. ‘Please Just Wait’ is the first offering from an extraordinary new talent.

Speaking: UD Music presents the Takeover Sessions

14:00 – 14:30 & 16:30 – 17:00

We’ve got good new music firmly covered. In the first of our showcasing sessions, UD Music presents some of the finest new talent you’re likely to hear in 2021. Having all risen through the UD ranks (Flames, Incubator or Accelator courses), expect harmonious soul and contemporary R&B from Amber Grandidier, vocal sensation Briana Williams, singer songwriter Nayana and  Molly Elizabeth, who’s new single ‘Please Just Wait’ is out now via UD Music’s imprint, Ingrooves, a new distribution partnership with Island Records. 


Molly Elizabeth – Emerging Artist: UD Flames & Incubator

Nayana – Emerging Artist: UD Flames & Incubator

Amber Grandidier – Emerging Artist: UD Flames & Incubator

Briana Williams – Emerging Artist: UD Flames & Incubator