Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not

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We’re immensely proud of the work we’ve done over 20 years at UD, impacting and changing the lives of young people by empowering and connecting them with the music industry.

With us, it’s never just been about getting a foot in the door but ensuring that once through the door, young people know that they deserve to be in the room.

We engage on average with over 2,000 young people a year, 70% of whom come from minority backgrounds, and across 21 projects, at least 70% of participants rated their experience as ‘excellent’.

We believe that you care and want to create a better future for all.

We’re offering you the opportunity to invest in UD, to invest in Black and culturally diverse talent of the future, and to become a part of our world – and our story – as we enter the most exciting stage in our evolution.

Do you want to be part of the story of some of the most important artists and creatives that will emerge from London’s ever-evolving, ever cutting-edge rich cultural scenes? Because there’s never been a better time than now to co-create the best future.

United in development.

“UD is a key player in the scene, everyone needs to get involved with what they do.”


School Industry Takeover


Every £1 you donate will be used to benefit the young people we support.

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Industry Takeover one to one by Rianna Tamara


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