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Becoming a partner, you’ll get early, intimate access to one of the most exciting cultural communities in the world, where your support delivers you credible, real, mutual, trusting relationships with the heart of this vibrant community.

Your support will give you intimate, always-on insights into a community of tomorrow’s creatives and discerning consumers.


There are numerous opportunities for getting involved. Benefits we’re open to (but aren’t limited by) include:

  • Naming rights
  • Named bursaries and scholarships
  • Sponsored programmes
  • Tiered partner status
  • Bequests
  • First-look rights

We are open to conversations around total, sector or termed exclusivity for every benefit we offer, or bespoke packages for what you need.


Partnering with our Industry Takeover All Dayer or monthly events connects you to the next generation of creatives.

The events are popular amongst young people aged 19-25 from across London and give brands and partners an opportunity to connect with a highly engaged audience of future industry leaders and young people eager to start their careers in music; test new products or ideas; gain insight on a campaign from your target market; engage with industry experts and thought leaders that are shaping the industry today.

To initiate a conversation, please email Pamela McCormick on

Industry Takeover audience by Rianna Tamara