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Artists, Featured, Guide | 7 November 2022


Maria Hanlon is a London-based radio presenter, DJ and music writer who also works as a Team Assistant at BBC Music Introducing in London. In this guide she shares everything she’s learnt from her career so far on how to get your music played…

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Featured, Guide, Talent House | 3 May 2022

UD x Maria Hanlon… Preparing For A DJ Set

Have you just been booked to play a DJ set but you’re not sure how to prepare? Or maybe this is your first ever booking and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! In this guide, DJ Maria Hanlon take you through step-by-step prep so you’ll feel calm and collected as you plug in your headphones and hit play!

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Archive, Events, Featured, Guide, Talent House, What's On | 22 March 2022


With our Industry Takeover Seminars starting again in April, at the all-new UD Talent House in east London, we take a minute to soak in the pearls of wisdom from some of our previous panellists. Read on for knowledge courtesy of Darcus Beese, Jasmine Dotiwala, Alex Boateng, Etta Bond and more…

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Featured, Guide | 3 March 2022

UD x JoJo Jones… How to podcast!

Podcasting has become a medium that’s hard to avoid in 2022. Every TV show, celebrity, influencer, even footballer, has their own podcast. Although live radio still exists and thrives, more and more people are turning to the on-demand easily digestible nature of podcasts for their audio consumption. Jojo Jones gives you a step by step to creating and hosting your very own podcast… 

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Featured, Guide | 1 March 2022

Long read: Here’s where to find funding to support your music projects in 2022

Looking for support within the music industry? Will Pritchard has delved deep to deliver this extensive guide for UD, highlighting the potential funding available for your music projects in 2022…

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Featured, Guide | 26 January 2022


Networking in the music industry might seem scary at first but it’s vital in opening you up to opportunities and collaborations. Radio Presenter and DJ Maria Hanlon has created a list of useful tips for novice networkers…

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Featured, Guide | 16 January 2022


Radio Presenter and DJ Maria Hanlon moved to London, from her home town of Bournemouth, in August 2021, and has since secured bookings at Café 1001, The Haggerston, Next Door Records, Spiritland, Radio Delicious, Voices Radio and Netil Radio. She shares her experience and top tips for getting booked as a DJ…

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Featured, Guide | 7 December 2021

Diamondz X UD… A Logic Pro Recording Session

Stefan ‘Diamondz’ Velichkov, returns for our studio series. Having touched on the basics of a recording session & what you need to have in place for a good and productive session, it’s time to get a more in-depth look at how to set up and run a Logic Pro recording session with a rapper/vocalist… 

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Featured, Guide | 23 November 2021

UD X Maria Hanlon… Guide To Creating Instagram Content

In a world where social media is more important than ever, Radio Presenter and DJ Maria Hanlon has put together a guide to help you create stand-out content and maximise…

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Featured, Guide | 17 November 2021

UD X Maria Hanlon…How to DJ like a pro

Radio Presenter and DJ Maria Hanlon reveals all you need to know about learning how to DJ like a professional… Does the idea of DJing really excite you? Are you…

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Featured, Guide | 29 October 2021

UD x Diamondz… Recording sessions

Ahead of our Talent House opening in 2022, UD are serving you with the tools you need when it comes to recording and studio life. Stefan ‘Diamondz’ Velichkov, our studio…

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Featured, Guide | 27 October 2021

UD X Jojo Jones… How to do Radio Interviews.

Maybe you’ve just secured a new radio slot (with some help from my previous blog, How To Get into Radio Broadcasting), or you’ve been mulling over a collaborative podcast idea, or you’ve started streaming live on Instagram or Twitch? If this is you (or in your future), It’s probably time to think about conducting an interview on your platform.

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Featured, Guide | 14 October 2021

UD x Diamondz… The Studio A-Z

If you’re looking to invest in a home recording set-up or want to get to know more about studio life, then do read on. Our expert, Stefan ‘Diamondz’ Velichkov, a locally based producer, studio maestro and sound engineer, who can often be found working with the likes of D Double E, Mez and Triggz, lets us into his world and shares that all important knowledge. 

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Featured, Guide | 8 October 2021

UD X Jojo Jones How to get into Radio Broadcasting

Do you love making playlists, listening to radio and podcasts, or just talking about pop culture with your friends? If you’ve ever considered getting your own radio show, this simple guide by Jojo Jones is aimed at helping you get into the world of broadcasting…

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Featured, Guide | 14 September 2021

How to… write a press release

Having just recovered from our epic Industry Takeover All Dayer 2021, we’re here to keep the information and advice flowing. Need to write a press release? If you’re new to…

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Featured, Guide | 10 August 2021

How to… write an artist biography

Whether you’re a new artist or established on a major record label, an artist biography is essential. 

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