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Through the music that inspires them, UD has been providing opportunities for young, talented Black and culturally diverse Londoners to aspire and achieve for 20 years.

United through excellence, our Accelerator Development Funding, supported by PRS for Music Foundation and Island Records, allows UD to develop 6-10 emerging artists every year. We offer artists guidance and financial support to assist with recording, marketing and distribution costs to help get their career off the ground.

UD also work more intensively with a select few artists (and their teams) who are looking for uplift, developing a 6-month action plan, tailored to their individual needs while providing mentoring support to achieve personal goals. For those that wish to progress further commercially, UD, alongside our partners, are able to offer and create bespoke long-term development deals to aid in a successful and sustainable business.

The future is yours.

The application process will be announced via UD website, social media platforms and newsletter at the beginning of September.  If you’re looking to progress into the next stage of your journey in music and would like to get involved please email

As someone who has received support from UD myself at an early stage in my career, I know how scarce opportunities are and how game-changing it can be to get funding and support. Young people leaving college will always need opportunities to grow as artists and I want this new partnership to develop talent without the pressure of a label deal. My vision is to spot and bring in the best artists from the scene, so I’m really excited about the new partnership with UD and hope it will evolve into a programme that will ultimately bring people through into a proper recording deal.”

Alex Boateng, President Urban Division Island Records, 2018 – 2021