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UCAS Level 4


UD educates, empowers and creates life opportunities for young people inspired by the sounds, words and rhythms of Black music culture.

We are passionate about excellence, and the potential for excellence in every young person we encounter. While it can be difficult to progress with so many barriers in place, entry into music and the music industry shouldn’t be a privilege or reserved for the few. UD is an expert friend to the music industry, and to the music educators who have the best intentions for the young people we work with – we want you to unlock your potential.

At UD, we have the backs of the young people we serve.

Whether your future hopes involve being a successful artist or a professional working in the business of music, our level 4 course (equivalent to the first year of a degree), will help you make your dreams a reality.

From creating and performing material, to the marketing and publishing of the work, this course provides development and understanding about the music industry, from the music industry. Thanks to UD’s extensive contact book and mentoring expertise, you’ll also have regular access to professionals working in record labels, social media, publishing and the live sector.


→ 112 new UCAS points

→ From A-level: must include pass in A2 in at least 1 subject

→ From BTEC: Extended diploma or diploma

→ From International Baccalaureate: Diploma with 24 points including a minimum of 15 points at Higher Level

About the course

Equivalent to the first year of a degree and having a bespoke design created by UD to meet our specific audience needs.

→ Easy to access

→ Genre and culturally specific

→ Industry delivered

→ Relevant and real

→ Delivered through projects and live industry briefs

→ Portfolio based delivery

Talent House
3 Sugar House Lane
E15 2RB
September 2022
1 Year
2 days per week
£9,250 per year
Student loans applicable
Full time


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industry inputs and briefs

On both the Artist Pathway and the Business pathway you will have regular updates from industry across all areas you need to understand and have an opportunity to question professionals who work across the industry. This will include partners from the following areas:

→ Label/ Publishing A&R

→ Professional Songwriter

→ Label Marketing/PR

→ Indie marketing/PR/branding co

→ Social Media/ Digital PR

→ Producer

→ Producer manager

→ Artist manager

→ Product manager (label)

→ Live Music Agent

Portfolios bring together all elements of your project work throughout each year. You will create an online interactive portfolio which you will continue to update and enhance throughout the course. You will finish with a professional portfolio to showcase your work.

The course splits into 2 pathways

1. Artist Producer Pathway

As a singer, writer, performer, DJ, Musician you will work on your own material as part of a portfolio of work for entry to the industry. Alongside industry personnel you will focus on developing the skills and knowledge you need in today’s music industry

Modules you will study are:

→ Collaboration

→ Music technology

→ Production

→ Public Project

→ Mental Wealth

These will be achieved through projects such as;

A collaborative song writing/ composition project: You will work with peers to create material to real world industry briefs and receive industry feedback on your work.

Deconstruction of your brand: You will work out what makes you the artist you are and how this helps you understand the music you make. This will help you think about marketing your brand.

Self-production: You will learn to produce demos and recordings of your own to undertake repertoire development and gain feedback from industry professionals along the way.

2. Music Business Pathway

As a potential manager, label owner, publisher you will work on the development of artists around you including those from the Artist Pathway to develop careers and also developyour understanding of the mechanics and structure of the Music Industry

Modules on both courses are the same but your results will be achieved through projects such as,

The Industry Blueprint

You will map out the structure of the industry and understand your potential roles within it.

Skills development

Having looked at the roles you will identify which strengths you have and which areas you need to work on and plan to develop skills and knowledge from there.

Product Release

Using our own label (UD Music Distributed through Ingrooves) you will work


Interview Process

All suitably qualified applicants including those who expect to gain the necessary qualifications in June will be interviewed. The interview will be informal and group based where we will assess your musical ability and your ability to discuss your music with peers. It will take approximately 60 minutes. You will be asked to explain of describe previous musical and music technology experiences. Any relevant industry experience and based on grades, experience and proven ability including examples of previous work may be asked to complete a piece of research and written work. This will allow tutors to correctly asses ability and skills at levels 4 necessary for studying on the program.

How is the Course Assessed?

Coursework and continual portfolio assessment, practical portfolio assessment tasks and where possible—work based opportunities.

Where Does it Lead?

This course is specifically designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to begin a career in the music industry, or alternatively to progress on to the final year of a relevant degree course.