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Through our carefully selected tutor team of vocalists, producers and industry professionals, our UProgress school programmes have been methodically crafted, taking participants on a journey that ensures not only a growth of musical and professional skills, but a development of social and communication skills and psychological well-being. Leadership and decision-making prowess are encouraged.

UD projects always set out to inspire and inform young people in Newham, one of the most disadvantaged areas of London. Through the collaboration of host schools and the UD team, our projects intend to improve the skills and abilities of the providers and individuals involved in the support of these young people and to create or provide an environment conducive to effective progression.

Our flagship entry-level music project is created for years 9 to 11 (who have suffered in cuts to school music provisions). Following the UD philosophy to nurture and enable young people with a passion for music to pursue their dreams, UProgress serves as the perfect introduction to both the art and business.

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“Just wanted to say how impressed I was by your team today. All interacted really well with the students and the girls were buzzing following the sessions. It’s great we expose our students to musical talent and I’m looking forward to the next few sessions and seeing what the tracks will sound like.”

Mark Rudland, Assistant Headteacher Sarah Bonnell School, 2020

School Industry Takeover

Record Label Project

Fancy recording, releasing and performing your track to an audience? Whatever your genre of choice, this in-school course for 14-year olds and over is aimed at budding recording artists, songwriters, producers and music students who demonstrate great potential. The UD Record Label Project will support you to aim high at GCSE level and beyond as you step into the music industry.

School Tours

Fed up with conventional speakers at your school? Look no further. Through building industry alliances, UD are experienced in bringing music professionals to an assembly near you. Our network regularly visit secondary schools to share their experiences alongside providing career advice and that hard-to-reach advice.