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Saiming – Artist

The self-proclaimed “S-travagant Man” Saiming, is an alternative UK rap artist from south London. Saiming gels together the intricately fast-paced rhythms of a grime MC over a range of mellow-toned, sample-centred, bass-heavy instrumentals to create a contemporary yet familiar sonic blend. Saiming’s debut single, ‘Saiming Says’, helped him to get his feet firmly on the starting blocks in late 2019. The effect of the track’s upbeat mood and creative punchlines are evident in its relative success, amassing over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone without a video or advertising. 

‘WOOF MEOW’, his second single, produced by dilushselva and having premiered on Reprezent 107.3FM with DJXHNWAV, a fellow member of the creative collective ‘Da Community’. In the months since, the song has hit over a million streams on Spotify and found success on TikTok, with over 1000 videos having been made with it. ‘WOOF MEOW’ has been played on BBC Introducing London by Jess Iszatt as well as being featured in Soulection Radio Show #561 on Apple Music by Joe Kay. 

Speaking: Wednesday Afternoon

14:00 – 16:30

TikTok Video & Content Masterclass

Want a better understanding of TikTok and how to use it? This Masterclass will teach best practice, the latest must-know info, insider tips and a whole lot more. Guest to be announced!

Parris OH – Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

Tope Bello – Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

James Lightfoot – Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

Sheema Siddiqi –  Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

Saiming – artist

Q&A hosted by Saffah (UD member)

14:00 – 16:30

Production masterclass with TSB - powered by The Flight Club (UD Studio)

Producer TSB sits at the top table of UK producers, having established himself as the first port of call for artists with a story to tell: collaborations under his belt include StormzyKnucksHeadie OneJ HusDaveBujuCraig DavidBree Runway and AJ Tracey.

TSB wants his solo music to act as an introduction to his world. As a self-taught musician, his ambition is to highlight his experience in music & inspire the next generation of producers.

Join us at Industry Takeover for this exclusive Production Masterclass, powered by The Flight Club.


TSB – Producer

Saffah – Host, Presenter, UD Member

Parris Oh – Artist Partnerships Manager, TikTok UK

James Lightfoot – Artist Partnerships, TikTok UK

Tope Bello – Music Partnerships, TikTok UK

Sheema Siddiqi – Artist Partnerships, TikTok UK

Saiming – Artist