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Saffah – Host, Presenter, UD Member

“I’m Saffah, an emerging presenter and music lover from north London. Growing up in London, I have always been exposed to many cultures and their music genres; from dancehall to Afrobeats to K-pop and Punjabi garage, the list is endless. While I cannot hold a note myself, I find joy in embracing other qualitied, finding inspiration in talent and creativity; particularly up and coming artists, producers and DJs. With so much complexity in the world, music is what ignites joy and unity in all of us and I hope to spread this as much as possible.”

Speaking: Wednesday Afternoon

14:00 – 16:30

TikTok Video & Content Masterclass

Want a better understanding of TikTok and how to use it? This Masterclass will teach best practice, the latest must-know info, insider tips and a whole lot more. Guest to be announced!

Parris OH – Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

Tope Bello – Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

James Lightfoot – Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

Sheema Siddiqi –  Artist Partnerships TikTok UK

Saiming – artist

Q&A hosted by Saffah (UD member)

14:00 – 16:30

Production masterclass with TSB - powered by The Flight Club (UD Studio)

Producer TSB sits at the top table of UK producers, having established himself as the first port of call for artists with a story to tell: collaborations under his belt include StormzyKnucksHeadie OneJ HusDaveBujuCraig DavidBree Runway and AJ Tracey.

TSB wants his solo music to act as an introduction to his world. As a self-taught musician, his ambition is to highlight his experience in music & inspire the next generation of producers.

Join us at Industry Takeover for this exclusive Production Masterclass, powered by The Flight Club.


TSB – Producer

Saffah – Host, Presenter, UD Member

Parris Oh – Artist Partnerships Manager, TikTok UK

James Lightfoot – Artist Partnerships, TikTok UK

Tope Bello – Music Partnerships, TikTok UK

Sheema Siddiqi – Artist Partnerships, TikTok UK

Saiming – Artist