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Sunday Morning

11:00 – 13.00

Decoded Brunch: MICHELLE Kambasha (Journalist, The Guardian & Lecturer, BIMM) in Conversation with Athian Akec (writer & activist)

On Sunday 2nd April you’re invited to a Decoded Brunch: Michelle Kambasha In Conversation with Athian Akec. 

Athian Akec is a 20 year old Londoner defined by his multidimensional work which ranges from speeches to essays to guest lectures. His focus is on providing young people with the perspective which will help us navigate the turbulent times ahead. He’s produced the “Beyond Black history month” series with i-D magazine, spoken in the House of Commons on the socio-economic roots of youth violence and been published by Penguin with an essay on the political potential of Black culture. His speech was sampled by the Brit-nominated rapper Loyle Carner on his latest album “Hugo”, he’s been featured on the 2022 Dazed 100 list and has guest lectured on the power of culture as a tool for liberation at London Metropolitan University.


Athian Akec – Writer & Activist

Michelle Kambasha – Owner, ku-pa communications, music and culture journalist

Sunday Afternoon

15:00 – 16:00

Introducing… Orii Jam – LIVE

Looking for a Sunday afternoon vibe? We’ve got you covered. Ori is the Yoruba word used to describe the vessel that is able to process conscious thought, or in other words, the soul. Orii is the biggest freestyle jazz night, that enables the best musicians and artists in London town to connect in carefully curated sonic spaces. Orii is also a platform for new artists to perform, engage, and inhabit their true Orii.  Run by the artist Neue Grafik, this session is about love, sharing and caring. Closing IT2023, we’ll be joined by the Orii Jam crew, for the ultimate live jazz session.  


Germane Marvel – Host, Orii Jam