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UD Low Down: Level 4 Showcase @ Talent House

Tumi Mary Ogundamisi HAD A FRONT ROW SEAT AT UD’s Level 4 Showcase, where the class of 2023/24 gave us performances to remember…

After a year of dedication, studio sessions, and industry insights, UD’s Level 4 students gathered to showcase their remarkable work. These talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and genres welcomed me into a space celebrating music, collaboration, and growth. As the inaugural graduates of UD’s Level 4 courses, led by TK (Finesse Foreva), studies include comprehensive modules on music production, business, and performance; embodying the essence of UD’s mission.

UD is committed to educating, empowering, and creating opportunities for young people inspired by the sounds, words, and rhythms of Black music culture. The Level 4 courses (returning in September 2025) equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the music industry. From creating and performing material to marketing and publishing, our courses provide comprehensive training grounded in industry expertise.

Throughout the showcase, I had the privilege of speaking with tutors Vanessa and RXWNTREE, both seasoned professionals in the music and teaching industries. Their active mentoring, small class sizes, and industry experience foster a supportive community that goes beyond the classroom. Singer-songwriter Mary Tobi shared her experience, highlighting the course’s diversity and tailored support: ‘I feel like UD is very different from other music schools, with support tailored to you…’

The showcase 

Smitch (Allen): 

Allen, also known as Smitch, opened the showcase with his heartfelt performance, showcasing his skills as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. His songs, drawn from personal experiences and emotions, resonated deeply with the audience. Allen’s ability to convey raw emotions through his soulful ballads left a lasting impact, earning him praise for his authenticity and musical talent.


James brought a unique blend of genres to the stage, infusing drill, gospel, and salsa elements into his music. His lyrics, filled with depth and meaning, explored themes of resilience and perseverance. James’ commanding stage presence and powerful delivery captivated the audience, leaving them inspired and moved by his performance.


Jedz’s performance exuded energy and charisma, as he effortlessly blended melodic rap with UK summer vibes. His smooth flow and catchy hooks had the audience grooving along, while his infectious energy lit up the stage. Jedz’s ability to connect with the crowd and deliver an unforgettable performance solidified his status as a rising star in the music scene.

M Silva: 

Silva’s versatility as a producer shone through in his performance, as he seamlessly transitioned between R&B, Afro swing, and dancehall vibes. His impeccable production skills showcased his musical prowess and artistic range. Silva’s performance left a lasting impression, with audience members eagerly anticipating his future releases and collaborations.


As a multifaceted talent, Dino mesmerized the audience with his dynamic performance. From hosting to drumming, rapping, and producing, he showcased his versatility and creativity on stage. Dino’s magnetic stage presence and infectious energy kept the crowd engaged from start to finish, earning him praise for his captivating performance style.


OS commanded the stage with a commanding presence and infectious energy. His catchy hooks and playful lyrics drew the audience in, while his seamless delivery and confident stage presence left a lasting impression. OS’s ability to connect with the crowd and deliver an electrifying performance solidified his reputation as a rising star in the music industry.


Collaborating with OS, Orakana delivered a powerful performance filled with emotion and intensity. His soulful vocals and poignant lyrics resonated with the audience, while his dynamic stage presence kept them captivated throughout his set. Orakana’s ability to blend rap and R&B elements seamlessly showcased his versatility and artistry as a performer.


Impho’s performance showcased his exceptional skills as a producer, as he delivered captivating beats and infectious rhythms. His smooth saxophone melodies added depth and texture to his tracks, while his proficiency in mixing and mastering elevated the overall sound. Impho’s versatile production style and innovative approach to music production left a lasting impression, earning him praise for his creativity and talent.

Tobi Mary: 

Tobi Mary’s performance was a highlight of the showcase, as she mesmerized the audience with her soulful voice and unique sound. Her ability to convey emotion and storytelling through her music captivated the crowd, while her dynamic stage presence kept them engaged throughout her set. Tobi Mary’s mastery over layers, harmonies, and vocal range showcased her talent and artistry as a singer-songwriter, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed her performance.

The night concluded with industry insights from special guest Shane Mizermilli, Founder/CEO of MiZerMillion Ent & MiZermillion Sports, an experienced music manager and executive. His feedback emphasised the importance of self-promotion, hard work, and patience in the competitive music industry. He reminds the artists: ‘your time is your time’ highlighting the importance of perseverance in a competitive industry.

The showcase was a testament to the talent and dedication of UD’s students and mentors. If this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see where their journeys lead.

Words: Tumi Mary Ogundamisi
Photography: Joey Hoang

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