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Introducing… Chrissy Day

South London raised alt R&B creative, Chrissy Day, is the blueprint for versatile melodies, vocals and songwriting techniques. Of Jamaican, Egyptian and Ethiopian heritage, Chrissy strives to incorporate all aspects of her culture into her music, image and brand. KAT FRIAR FINDS OUT MORE…

Image: Dres Lenses

Currently on UD’s Incubator program, designed to develop the creative and business skills for talented, independent musicians emerging in the music industry with a six-month talent and career development opportunity, Chrissy has talent in abundance. A regular at our Open Mics and having recently taken to the Zahara stage for UD x The Great Escape, 2023 is shaping up nicely for Miss Day…

Chrissy Day x UD x Complex UK Open Mic, IT2023.
Chrissy Day x UD x TGE 2023

UD: What artists do you listen to that influence how you sing, sound and write?

I listen to a lot of JID, SZA, Kehlani, Chris Brown, Knucks, Kojey Radical, Unknown T – there’s a variation, there’s a lot. Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Alex Isley, Frank Ocean – the GOAT and Tyler, the Creator, the GOATs. 

UD: A lot of those artists make different music to what you make. So how do you take what they do and like make it into your own thing and get inspired by it?

It’s definitely the writing techniques that are my biggest  inspiration, like their cadences and their flow, the way that they’re able to switch and still maintain melody is big for me. I kind of just take that and do it in my own way. 

UD: What’s it been like being apart of UD’s incubator program?

It’s been beautiful. It’s been very insightful and very informative. A lot of information about the industry and how to navigate as an artist through the industry and get the best out of it. It’s been really good and I’ve loved being around all the other artists and creatives as well, [it’s] so lit. 

Image: Dres Lenses

UD: How do you feel making music helps you express yourself?

It’s having that conversation with the voices in your head. Sometimes we think things, but we don’t outwardly say it and I’m all about saying it. So that’s something that I really captivate in my music – just  speaking. What is there, present in your mind? Obviously within reason, but when there’s a stroke of honesty and real honesty that needs to transpire, don’t be afraid to be honest. We sugarcoat things at times and that’s cool too, but at some point raw honesty needs to be transpired in order for things to change, ’cause people get complacent in sugarcoating and stuff. That’s how I express through my music and it’s easier to digest as well when it’s on the melody, on a track that’s resonating to it. It sticks with you a lot better as well, so the message gets across clearer. 

UD: What’s a really important part of who you are that you hope you translates in your music and how do you execute that?

Honesty is a big part of who I am, being authentic and being unapologetically you. So through my lyrics, through the way I present myself, as a black woman even, just the way I present myself, it’s important for me to be consistent in my lyrics as much as my character.

UD: What’s your creative process like?

Sporadic – it’s really when inspiration strikes sometimes, I put down the pen or the phone and I just kind of go for a walk and just take in my surroundings. So other times I just sit in my room and just things flow to me, so I just write, but it’s definitely more intuition based. 

UD: When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a serious thing? What was that light bulb moment like? 

I feel like I’ve always known I wanted to pursue it. I think the moment that I realised I could pursue it and I actually had the confidence in myself to do it was when I was about maybe 18, 19 and I was posting stuff on Instagram and Snapchat of me singing and then I got into my first studio, which was at Metropolis funny enough, and it was just a vibe check studio session, but it was fun. It was fun being there. So from then I was like, “I wanna actually pursue this as a career,” then life got in the way, but I would say within the last three years I’ve been very much heavy in this, heavy into my music and heavy into pushing myself to pursuing this as my lifestyle. 

UD: What have you learnt so far about the music industry?

That there are ways to protect yourself, but you need to understand the business in order to protect yourself. It’s money based and being the product that generates that money, it can be very brutal, but it’s also a beautiful space where you can connect and create with a lot of creatives and even work with your dream artist.

UD: Who would you love to collaborate with and why?

I’ve got a few. Frank Ocean of course, when he decides to come out of hiding. Tyler, the Creator, a hundred percent. Coco Jones – I was saying that today, I would really love to write for her. Chris Brown, James Blake – there’s so much more, but I’ll leave it there. 

UD: What’s in store for you in 2023?

Releasing a lot more music and doing a lot more shows. 

Follow Chrissy Day on Instagram, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Words: Kat Friar

Photos: Dres Lenses

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