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UD Selects: December Mixtape

Switching things up for December, Maria Hanlon presents an exclusive DJ mix with 10 cuts from 2023 that have hit her decks – and got more than a reload.

Photo: Bendict Priddy

Starring Casnova, ELIZA & Ahadadream, Cleo Sol, DJ Seinfeld & Confidence Man, Scarlett O’Malley, Smokey Bubblin’ B, Sam Binga, Bakey & Redders , Shivum Sharma, Deadly Habitz & p-rallel…


Casnova – Drums Are Calling

“I always include a Casnova track in my sets as they’re so vibey and often combine house & garage, my two favourite genres. ‘Drums Are Calling’ comes from Casnova’s ‘Alignment EP’ which came out on August 16th and has been a staple in my sets ever since.”

ELIZA & Ahadadream – Abandon the Rule (Ahadadream Remix)

“I remember hearing this track in my Release Radar playlist on Spotify and buying it straight away as I absolutely loved it. ELIZA’s voice draws you in and Ahadadream’s production works perfectly alongside it, making this version dance-floor ready.”

Cleo Sol – Why Don’t You (Murder He Wrote Refix)

“I will never get bored of this track! Cleo Sol is one of my favourite artists, but my sets are often high-tempo so I don’t usually play her originals in the club. However this version from Murder He Wrote was the perfect solution, and always makes me smile when I play it.”

DJ Seinfeld & Confidence Man – Now U Do (Carlita Remix)

“I’m a big Confidence Man fan so I fell in love with this remix instantly. Carlita takes the track to another level with the playful production and I’ve loved playing this out, it always goes down an absolute treat.”

Scarlett O’Malley – An Ode to Medway Estate

Scarlett is quickly becoming one of my favourite producers after releasing her two-track debut EP ‘Scorpio Rodeo’ earlier this year. ‘An Ode to Medway Estate’ is the second track on the EP and is a punchy house tune that I’m obsessed with.”

Smokey Bubblin’ B – Suzanne’s Groove

“I was prepping for my Ministry of Sound debut, digging for some bangers and came across this track which had just dropped. The crowd loved it and were singing back in no time, I can’t wait to play this out more next year.”

Sam Binga, Bakey & Redders – Dem Boiz

“This track came out back in May just as the weather was warming up and began heating up the dance floors. I have a few fun memories of playing this beauty at festivals, it’s always a crowd pleaser.”

Shivum Sharma – 7am (Shanti Celeste Remix)

“I love the original version of this, Shivum Sharma’s vocals are stunning and mesmerising so I was excited to check out the remix. DJ & Producer Shanti Celeste completely turns the track on its head, holding onto Shivum’s sublime vocals whilst sliding up the tempo drastically.”

Deadly Habitz – Henny & Coke

“This one has been my secret weapon this year. Everyone knows the lyrics and the UKG twist makes it impossible not to move. I played this during my Secret Garden Party set and will always have fond memories of this track.”

p-rallel – It’s a Lundun Thing

“I saw p-rallel play this track during his set at the DJ Mag Best of British and it popped off! It’s part of his 10-track Mixtape ‘Movement’ and it’s for the raving crew. It felt like the perfect way to end my mix, after a busy and exciting year in London.”

DJ Mix by Maria Hanlon @mariahanlon

Listen to The Voices Breakfast Show with Maria Hanlon on the 1st Friday of the month 9-11am on voicesradio.co.uk

Photo: Bendict Priddy

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