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Featured | 9 March 2022

MC Skibadee Tribute – This style was identical to none

With the news that MC Skibadee had passed away last week, shockwaves of disbelief ricocheted across the music industry and club culture. Music writer and original jungalist Chris Kelly pays tribute…

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Featured | 8 March 2022

Happy International Women’s Day

Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.

At UD, we’re proudly led by women. Today, come and meet the team…

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Featured, Guide | 3 March 2022

UD x JoJo Jones… How to podcast!

Podcasting has become a medium that’s hard to avoid in 2022. Every TV show, celebrity, influencer, even footballer, has their own podcast. Although live radio still exists and thrives, more and more people are turning to the on-demand easily digestible nature of podcasts for their audio consumption. Jojo Jones gives you a step by step to creating and hosting your very own podcast… 

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Featured, Guide | 1 March 2022

Long read: Here’s where to find funding to support your music projects in 2022

Looking for support within the music industry? Will Pritchard has delved deep to deliver this extensive guide for UD, highlighting the potential funding available for your music projects in 2022…

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Featured | 25 February 2022

Remembering Jamal Edwards 1990-2022

Jamal Edwards has been a great friend to UD over the years. It’s with such great sadness to learn of his passing on Sunday. Jamal aka Smokey Barz, founder of SBTV & a true champion of Black music, has touched so many lives, including ours at UD. We take time to reflect…

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Archive, Featured | 17 February 2022

#TBT: Skool Me Part 1 (2015)

Throwback time! UD rewind to 2015 when Nardene Scott collated the pearls of wisdom picked up at UD’s annual Industry Takeover event. If you’re looking for motivation, we’ve got you covered as we throw-it back and take inspiration from our music industry specialists… 

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Artists, Featured, Flames Collective, Interviews | 11 February 2022

Introducing… NAYANA

NAYANA is a young singer songwriter from North London whose talent has been nurtured by her time in UD’s Flames Collective and Incubator programme. Having released multiple original, heartfelt singles and performed at the Camden Assembly (supporting friend and fellow UD member, Molly Elizabeth), Jojo Jones jumped on Zoom to find out more about NAYANA…

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Events, Featured | 10 February 2022


Maria Hanlon popped down to Nell’s in London for a night of all things Hip Hop with MANIK MC…

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Artists, Featured | 1 February 2022

Long read: How to care for your mental health as a creative

Being a creative, whether an artist, singer, DJ, designer, illustrator, actor, you name it, can be rewarding. It can be joyous and fulfilling and incredibly exciting. However, it can also be hard, anxiety inducing, stressful and unforgiving. Jojo Jones looks into how we can balance the ups and downs of a creative life, whilst looking out for our mental health and wellbeing, including tips and tricks from a mental health professional.

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Featured, Guide | 26 January 2022


Networking in the music industry might seem scary at first but it’s vital in opening you up to opportunities and collaborations. Radio Presenter and DJ Maria Hanlon has created a list of useful tips for novice networkers…

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Featured, Guide | 16 January 2022


Radio Presenter and DJ Maria Hanlon moved to London, from her home town of Bournemouth, in August 2021, and has since secured bookings at Café 1001, The Haggerston, Next Door Records, Spiritland, Radio Delicious, Voices Radio and Netil Radio. She shares her experience and top tips for getting booked as a DJ…

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Featured, Interviews | 7 January 2022

How to steal my job… Shola Aleje (radio producer)

Jojo Jones sat down with BBC 6 Music Radio producer Shola Aleje over Zoom to talk about getting into radio producing, knowing your worth and staying excited about your job…

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Featured, Talent House, What's On | 15 December 2021

UD Incubator Programme

The Incubator Programme was created for independent artists with exceptional talent to help facilitate the transition from an educational or vocational training environment towards the commercial market or professional workplace.

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Artists, Events, Featured, Flames Collective | 10 December 2021

UD Low Down: Molly Elizabeth headline show @ Camden Assembly

Fresh from the UD Flames Collective, Incubator project and UD Talent Development programme, alumni Molly Elizabeth headlined the Camden Assembly on the 29th November, with support from her UD peers Amie Blu and NAYANA. Jojo Jones reports on the night… 

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Featured, Guide | 7 December 2021

Diamondz X UD… A Logic Pro Recording Session

Stefan ‘Diamondz’ Velichkov, returns for our studio series. Having touched on the basics of a recording session & what you need to have in place for a good and productive session, it’s time to get a more in-depth look at how to set up and run a Logic Pro recording session with a rapper/vocalist… 

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Featured, Guide | 23 November 2021

UD X Maria Hanlon… Guide To Creating Instagram Content

In a world where social media is more important than ever, Radio Presenter and DJ Maria Hanlon has put together a guide to help you create stand-out content and maximise…

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