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UD Low Down: The Live Supply @ NT’s Loft

If you want to tap into the sounds of the underground music scene, THE LIVE SUPPLY is the place to do it. Run by alternative rap artist Saiming and R&B/soul artist Soriah, they successfully put on their 6th edition on the 26th of October at Nt’s loft. Nayana.AB gives us the low down…

Photo; Shot By Hermela

“It feels good to be doing our 6th edition of The Live Supply,” explained Soriah. “It feels energetic, it feels like the crowd is really enjoying the vibes… We just had the best compliment ever – we were told that this is the best organised event that the girl I was speaking to had ever been to… She also said the vibes we are creating are so specially curated that she is astounded. That is what we want to do – curate a welcoming event and a really, really sick night.”

Photo: Nayana.AB

DJ Vigilante opened up the night at NT’s Loft, an intimate club and terrace overlooking the east London skyline, giving us some sweet Amapiano rhythms, welcoming everyone in with her clean mixes. Upon entry attendees couldn’t help but shake a little shoulder.

Photo; Shot By Hermela

Mazz was the first performer of the event, welcomed to the stage by our host for the night Dwills. Hitting us with beautiful sultry tones, Mazz opened the show with style. Her calm demeanour on the stage had everyone vibing with her smooth soulful bops. 

Photo; Shot By Hermela

Bib Sama exploded onto the stage next and his fans were front and centre. Everyone loved when he performed ‘BBB’ – as soon as the beat dropped the people were gassed! Bib definitely didn’t lie when he said he was really that guy LOL!

Next Osquello hit the stage playing some funky sonic sounds, giving that 90’s Micheal Jackson feel. We got to hear him perform his much anticipated unreleased single, ‘Amor’.

Photo; Shot By Hermela

Shout-out to Dwills, he was a truly captivating host appearing halfway through the show with a big fluffy hat giving the crowd an impromptu performance, covering ‘All Mine’, Brent Faiyaz who?

Photo: Nayana.AB
Photo; Shot By Hermela

Last but certainly not least, the much awaited Stravagant Man came to the stage, opening his set with ‘Sai-ming Says’. One of my favourite things about Saiming is that when he hits that stage he is pulling up with an all-star team. We got to see members of Da Community and Nevrrated bless the stage too. 

DJ MIMI closed the night  with a truly diabolical set! People were running in from the smoking area just to shake nyash as she loaded up banger after banger. MIMI is NOT one to play with uno, she is a serious vibe supplier! 


Photo: Nayana.AB

All-in-all it was a very wholesome night. It was really nice seeing so many familiar faces, seeming as though almost every angle of the underground scene was there. Making it truly something special, some might dare to say the vibes were immaculate (I dare)!

Photo; Shot By Hermela

“The night went great! I’m really happy that afterwards people are outside, cause that’s how I know people enjoyed it. I can’t complain. I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of Soriah and I am proud of the live supply!” said Saiming, post event.

“My plan is to release four singles next year, leading up to the release of my live album and a headline show in the summer…” Let’s hope Saiming (& Soriah) still finds time to programme more epic Live Supply line-ups too!

Follow The Live Supply.

Words & photos: Nayana.AB

Photography: Shot By Hermela

If you’ve not taken in the recent UD Live Sessions, take a peep below as Saiming performs ‘Chillas’…

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